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ACON's Anti-Violence Project

This Is Oz is a project of ACON’s Anti-Violence Project (AVP) in New South Wales, Australia.

The AVP connects with LGBTI communities about homophobic, transphobic, domestic and family violence.  We also work with government agencies and mainstream services to improve their knowledge of and response to LGBTI people experiencing violence.

This includes supporting people to make complaints about NSW Police misconduct.

The AVP coordinates campaigns such as This is Oz, The Safe Place Program and the Arabic Project - We're Family Too that focus on community safety, engaging communities and responding to community needs.

The Project aims to increase community confidence and knowledge around homophobic, transphobic, domestic and family violence.

If you have experienced homophobic, transphobic, domestic or family abuse or harassment, the AVP can offer support, information, advocacy and referral to you.

All services are free and confidential.

The AVP is available Monday to Friday 10am - 6pm on 02 9206 2116 or an online report can be made here.

Did you know?

  • Homophobia, transphobia, prejudice, discrimination and experiences of related violence, contribute significantly to compromised LGBTI mental health (including depression and anxiety) as well as suicide and suicide ideation.
  • Most violence and harassment experienced by young GLBTIQ people happens in school.

 More info

Contact:   ACON's Anti-Violence Project
Tel:          (AVP Report-Line) (02) 9206 2116
Free call:  1800 063 060



ACON is Australia’s largest community based LGBTI health and HIV/AIDS organisation. ACON promotes the health and wellbeing of NSW’s lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) communities. We also provide information, support and advocacy for people living with HIV or at risk of acquiring HIV, including sex workers and people who use drugs.

A lot of our work is related to HIV/AIDS because it’s one of the biggest health issues facing our community. But our work also covers other health issues such as: 

We’re a community-based non-government organisation. This means the work we do is done in our community, for our community and by members of our community. Most of our funding comes from the NSW Government to help us with our HIV work. Our other work is financed by small grants from the public and private sectors, fundraising activities and donations. Projects like This Is Oz are always in need of funding, find out more here.


The project was developed in collaboration with a range of partner organisations:

Faces of US

This Is Oz was inspired by FACES OF US, a project initiated in the USA by Brendan Davis:

"The idea for FACES OF US came along when I saw what I thought was a lack of comprehensive education about LGBT rights issues and the people that are affected by them. Proposition 8 had just passed in California and the entire country was in an uproar about marriage equality in that state.

It was wonderful to see people out in the streets protesting Proposition 8, but I wanted to know why we weren’t discussing marriage equality and other LGBT issues on a federal level. The fact that an International Day Against Homophobia exists proves that we need to look beyond the borders of our own states and our own countries and address these issues worldwide. It’s an honor to have this project be a part of an event happening in Australia and I hope that it will work well to open some eyes."
Brendan Davis